The Pinto Horse Society (WA) Inc.


 With this website the Pinto Horse Society of WA Inc aims to provide information on all aspects of the Pinto Horse in Western Australia.

Content includes contacts for Pinto Breeders, PtHSWA Inc Rule Book, Judging Guidlines for Pintos and more.

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Please Note

The Pinto Horse Society encourages the participation of all family members in the events held. However if you are bringing children to a horse event it is asked that you please keep them under supervision at all times. This is for the safety of  all competitors, spectators and the children.

 If you have a complaint to make while at an event then there are formal steps which can be taken. If you do not wish to take these steps then please keep it to yourself. We would also like to point out that bad langauge, abusive behaviour and loud arguments are discouraged.


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