The Pinto Horse Society (WA) Inc.

Coat Patterns...


Some Colour Patterns (Explained)

In judging & all factors being equal.
Preference could be given to 50/50 colour body colour


 HEAD = Dark, Eyes Dark or Blue.
NECK = White From Crest Down.
BODY = Vertical White, Shielded Patches of Colour.
LEGS = White with Colour & Ermine spots.
TAIL = Dark or White or Bi-Colour.


HEAD = Off-Center Blaze, Apron Face or Bald, Eyes Dark or Blue.
NECK = White Zigzag Along Center, Dark Throat.
BODY = Irregular, Patches or White Especially Peaks.
LEGS = Dark.
TAIL = Dark.


HEAD = White Chin or Under Jaw, Dark or Blue Eyes.
NECK = White Throat & Underside, Vertical Peaks.
BODY = Vertical White Splashes &Peaks, Ticking & Belly Patches.
LEGS = White, Spear-Edged.
TAIL = Dark or White Streaked.


HEAD = Bonnet or Apron with Dark or Blue Eyes.
NECK = Horizontal Lacy White Pattern That May Cross The Neck
BODY = Dark Top Line, White Belly Running Up Towards The Spine in a Lacy Pattern.
LEGS = White.
TAIL = Dark.